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(Resources) Academic Success Team Drop-ins

Are you feeling that there’s too much to study and too little time?

Are you concerned about upcoming evaluations?

Are you just feeling overwhelmed by your readings and learning remotely?

We feel you.

The Academic Success peers are online to talk and help you out. As of this reading week, the academic success team is piloting sessions throughout the term for you to drop by with your questions and concerns, no matter how small. We’ve been running academic mentor appointments for a while now, but these drop-ins offer fast, judgment-free support for whatever is on your mind.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, take a look at the peer workshops posted on CLNx: we have multiple options to help you with things like Taking Useful Notes from ClassesReading Effectively, and Planning your Projects.

And last but not least: the Study Hubs are running online at multiple times every day to help you complete readings, work on assignments and prepare for finals. Like the drop-ins and workshops, just sign up on the Academic Success Events & Workshops calendar on CLNx to join in.

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Academic Success peers list:

Academic mentor appointments:

Next Taking Useful Notes from Classes workshop:

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Academic Seminar with Prof. Corinna Schindler from the University of Michigan

This year, we’re delighted to welcome Prof. Corinna Schindler as our first international speaker on the CSU Academic Seminar series. Prof. Corinna S. Schindler is an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan, USA. Her research group focuses on innovations in modern synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry that enable the synthesis of biologically active molecules.

Time: Wednesday, February 17th 3:15 pm EST

Zoom Information:

Zoom link:

Passcode: 988834

FaceBook Event Page:

Please join us in learning more about Prof. Schindler’s research at the University of Michigan!

Non-Academic Careers in Chemistry Panel

Learn more about non-academic career pathways in Chemistry from a Canadian patent lawyer, an industry leader at Merck, and the executive director and co-founder of Pueblo Science! This event will be on Saturday February 6th from 2-4pm!

Submit questions for the panel here:

Link to join: (Password: 130153)

CSU Virtual Game Night

Looking to destress before midterms? Put your creativity to the test and join the CSU for a night of (Pictionary) on Saturday January 30th, 7-8pm via Discord!
Invite link:

CSU x ChemClub Fall Trivia Night

The CSU x Chem Club fall trivia night will happen on Friday Dec 4th 5 -7 PM EST via Zoom. Sign up for the event here if you are interested and win some great prizes!


First Place Team — each member gets a $15 gift card

Second Place Team — each member gets a $10 gift card

Third Place Team — each member gets a $5 gift card

Academic Success Supports for Students

While we’re all doing a lot of remote work these days, Academic Success has online supports to help you out! There are two resources that might be of special interest, both of which are running throughout finals season (and will resume in the new year too):

You can book an appointment with an Academic Success peer mentor to get fast support with:

  • reading and note-taking for tests, exams and assignments
  • finding motivation and overcoming procrastination when working remotely
  • setting and achieving goals
  • making schedules to manage multiple aspects of your life and your academic expectations
  • knowing and accessing the University’s services and supports.

You can join the virtual Study Hubs to set and meet your studying goals. Quiet, welcoming spaces allow you to complete readings, work on assignments and prepare for tests and finals. You can find an online community that will support you in going the work you need to do, whatever that is. They run at multiple times every day: just sign up on the Academic Success Events & Workshops calendar on CLNx.

Fall 2020 Q&A with Department of Chemistry Chair

Want to know the answers to some of the most popular chemistry-related questions regarding courses, scholarships and more? Attached here is the full details of the meeting with Department of Chemistry Chair Prof. Andy Dicks, CSU supervisor Prof. Mark Nitz, and Chemistry Undergraduate Counsellor Nicole Treston.

Academic Seminar — Dr. Helen Tran


Stretchable and fully degradable semiconductors for transient electronics

Brief abstract:

Electronics that can be stretched like human skin and feature skin-inspired functionalities are opening doors for remarkable opportunities in health and environmental monitoring, next-generation consumer products, and sustainability. Notably, degradability is an attractive attribute for applications on dynamic surfaces where manual recovery would be prohibitively difficult and expensive. A key component of such electronics is the development of a stretchable and degradable transistor with electrical performance independent of large mechanical stress. Herein, we demonstrate for the first time a material that simultaneously possesses three disparate attributes: semiconductivity, intrinsic stretchability, and full degradability. We show that we can design acid-labile semiconducting polymers to appropriately phase segregate within a biodegradable elastomer, yielding semiconducting nanofibers which concurrently enable controlled transience and strain-independent transistor mobilities. This fully degradable semiconductor represents a promising advance towards developing multifunctional materials for skin-inspired electronic devices that can address previously inaccessible challenges and in turn create new technologies.

Check out the full abstract here.

Zoom Information:

Meeting ID: 622 895 2460

Passcode: 563120

Time: Wednesday Nov 18th 5PM EST

Questions & Suggestions Form Due Soon

Just a quick reminder that the Questions & Suggestions form for the Department of Chemistry Chair is due on Tuesday Nov 3rd 2020 11:59PM! Fill out the form here.

CSU Movie Night Happening Tonight!

CSU movie night is happening on Thursday Oct 29th 2020 7 – 9 PM EST. Join the event and get spooked with other chemistry students!

Movie: Coraline

Platform: Discord