Executive Team 2019-2020

Name: Pournima Narayanan
Position: President
Year/program: Fourth year, Chemistry Specialist
Future Career Goals: Academia? Industry? Let’s see!
Favourite element(s): Cadmium (sounds like Cadbury’s… I love chocolate)
Hobbies: Badminton, running (away from my problems?) and watching anime
Interesting fact: Roses are red

Name: Aaron Dou
Position: Vice-President
Year/program: Second year, Pathobiology/Chemistry
Future Career Goals: MD/PhD (Meme Doctorate/Pretty hopeless Dude)
Favourite element(s): Neon because it glows despite being forever alone
Hobbies: Swimming, piano, writing music
Interesting fact: Crocodiles and alligators

Name: Vinky Wang
Position: Vice-President
Year/program: Third year, double major in Chemistry and Statistics
Future Career Goals: Grad school and ultimately anything to better the planet
Favourite element(s): Gallium – oh boy!
Hobbies: Piano, running, and exploring places
Interesting fact: Halogens are ortho/para-directing deactivators

Name: Antonella Ibargüen Mejía
Position: Treasurer
Year/program: Fifth year, Chemistry specialist and minor in Nanoscience
Future Career Goals: Master’s or PhD, but maybe not right away
Favourite element(s): Helium!
Hobbies: Binge watching shows on Netflix and baking cookies (if I don’t eat all the cookie dough first)
Interesting fact: I absolutely love potatoes in any way, shape, or form

Name: Margaret Zhang
Position: Secretary
Year/program: Third year, double major in Chemistry and Biochemistry
Future Career Goals: Research & Development
Favourite element(s): OOO, oxygen!
Hobbies: Making animation, watching animation and cubing!
Interesting fact: I am really good at table hockey.

Name: Anji Zhang
Position: Academic Coordinator
Year/program: Second year, Synthetic and Catalytic Chemistry, Nanoscience minor
Future Career Goals: Pursue graduate studies in Chemistry!
Favourite element(s): Gold?
Hobbies: Playing jazz saxophone, listening to audiobooks, and writing
Interesting fact:I can click my tongue really quickly

Name: Forbes Lui
Position: Social Coordinator
Year/program: Fifth year, double major in Chemistry and Neuroscience with minor in Immunology
Future Career Goals: I want to do something that helps people or the earth.
Favourite element(s): Ag, Au and Pt but I wouldn’t say no to some pressurized C
Hobbies: dancing, cooking/baking, eating and sleeping
Interesting fact: Bismuth is the only heavy metal with low toxicity. It’s actually one of the active ingredients in Pepto Bismol (hence the name).

Name: Jon Babi
Position: Social Media Coordinator
Year/program: Fourth year specialist in Materials Science
Future Career Goals: Spending the rest of my life in a dusty university in the south of Italy
Favourite element(s): Copper
Hobbies: Running, film photography
Interesting fact: Polonium is the only metal that naturally occurs with a simple-cubic crystal structure.

Name: Mia Ahed Zakaria
Position: Second Year Representative
Year/program: Second year double major in Chemistry and Economics
Future Career Goals:
Start a cosmetics company!!
Favourite element(s): Carbon
scuba diving, reading, and Netflix
Interesting fact: I make soap ?

Name: Tristan Downie
Position: First Year Representative
Year/program: First year planning on majoring in Chemistry
Future Career Goals: I’m not too sure yet!
Favourite element(s): Nitrogen
Hobbies: Video games, and reading
Interesting fact: My favourite colour is purple

Name: Tony Hu
Position: First Year Representative
Year/program: First year life science but hopefully chemistry specialist
Future Career Goals: Something chem related
Favourite element(s): Zinc!! Since it has a fulled filled d subshell, it doesn’t form coloured complexes
Hobbies: Skincare, screaming + having fun!!
Interesting fact: I am the proud owner of multiple (3 and counting!) molecular kits