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2019-2020 CSU Executive Team

Thank you all for coming out to our elections today! 
It is my great pleasure to announce the 2019-2020 CSU exec:

President: Pournima Narayanan
VP: Aaron Dou, Vinky Wang
Treasurer: Antonella Ibargüen Mejía
Secretary: Margaret Zhang
Academic Coordinator: Anji Zhang
Social Coordinator: Forbes Lui
Social Media Coordinator: Angelyn Xie

Thank you to all who ran! You were all wonderful and it was a very tight race! Do stay involved and keep a lookout for our Fall elections in September!

Thanks for partnering with us throughout! It has been a fantastic year. 
We have one last event in April! So stay tuned!

Signing off,

CSU Elections!

We’re holding elections for the 2019-2020 year! Run for
– President
– Vice President (2)
– Treasurer
– Secretary
– Social Coordinator
– Academic Coordinator
– Social Media Coordinator

Fill out this form detailing your intention to run:
And come give your position speech on Fri, Mar 29 at 3pm in LM204. Feel free to email us if you can’t make it!

There will be pizza and pop! See ya there!

Impact Center Career Talk

Wed Mar 6 | 5pm | LM128

The Impact Centre will be giving a talk on careers after undergraduate studies in Chemistry. This will be a really good opportunity to find out more about the various options available apart from graduate school!

Coffee and timbits will be served. See you there!