What is the CSU Mentorship Program?

Meeting new people this year is going to be rough, but the CSU is thrilled to announce that we’ll be offering our Mentorship Program online this year! This is an opportunity for upper-year students to share some of their experience in Chemistry at U of T to 1st and 2nd year students!

Benefits of the Mentorship Program:

  • Access to online social events themed around various topics (course-selection, applying for research opportunities, and more!) 
  • Meet new people in Chemistry at U of T!
  • Enthalpic stability through bond formation.

Important Links:

Mentor Applicant Link:

Mentee Applicant Link:

Deadline: October 5th 11:59 PM for both mentor and mentee registration

Meeting Dates:

First Meeting: Wednesday Oct 21th, 2020 5 – 7 PM

Meeting link:  (Password: Mannich)

Second Meeting: Thursday Nov 19th, 2020 5 -7 PM

Meeting Link: (Password: Mitsunobu)

Third Meeting: Thursday Feb 11th, 2021 5 – 7 PM

Meeting Link: (Password: Swern)

Fourth Meeting: Friday Mar 12th, 2021 5 – 7 PM

Meeting Link: (Password: Wheland)

Meeting Platform and Link

All meetings will be held via Zoom, with an emailed link. If you do not receive a link in time, please email us at ASAP!