Daily Archives: April 1, 2021

Meeting with the Chemistry Department – Notes (Winter Semester)

We once again had a really productive meeting with the department of chemistry. Check out the meeting notes if you want to find out the department’s response to the most popularly asked questions and departmental updates. All the notes are found here.

Resources From Academic Success

Are you feeling that there’s too much to study and too little time?  

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The Academic Success peers run online one-on one appointments every week and are here to help and guide you through exam season. We also have drop-in sessions twice a week that offer fast, judgment-free support for whatever is on your mind.  

We have multiple online workshops posted on CLNx to help you with things like Managing your FinalsPlanning your Projects and Catching up on Classes.  

And last but not least: the Study Hubs are running online at multiple times every day to help you complete readings, work on assignments and prepare for finals. Like the drop-ins and workshops, just log in to CLNx and visit the Academic Success Events & Workshops Calendar to find sessions and join in.