Daily Archives: December 5, 2022

FIFA Bracket – Join!

Is this FIFA frenzie crazy or what? Do you want to compete instead of just watching matches? Well say no more, participate in the CSU FIFA Bracket challenge for the chances to have fun, compete and let loose a bit. Also compete for the chance to win PRIZES. The bracket challenge allows you to make predictions for how the tournament will go once the round of 16 participants have been decided. You will be afforded the chance to decide how you think the tournament will go. For every correct predicted outcome you will receive points. This will be held on ESPN (link located at the end). An ESPN account will need to be created (please do so with your school email). You will be able to create and enter a bracket at December 2nd 2pm, but have to enter your bracket by December 3rd 9am, 2022. Have fun and good luck!

Here’s the link!