Executive Team 2022-2023

Name: Annie Li
Position: President
Year/program: 3rd year, Biological Chemistry Specialist
Future Career Goals: PhD in Chemistry
Favourite element(s): Nitrogen, I <3 Schlenk lines
Hobbies: Swimming, having fun
Interesting fact: My Chinese name is Mochi 

Name: Sasha Maniaci
Position: Vice President
Year/Program: 2nd year, Chemistry Specialist
Future Career Goals: Graduate studies in Chemistry
Favourite element(s): Oxygen! Involved in so many cool reactions, and you know… love the ability to breathe
Hobbies: Reading, riding horses, listening to music & eating sushi
Interesting fact:  I’ve watched Suits from start to finish 4 times (and counting)

Name: Samuel Hugie
Position: Vice President
Year/program: 3rd year, Biological Chemistry Specialist, Biochemistry Major
Future Career Goals: Graduate studies in Chemistry 
Favourite element(s): Boron, Phosphorus, Ruthenium
Hobbies: Coffee, running, sleeping
Interesting fact: I’ve still never downloaded TikTok.

Name: Patricia Stewart
Position: Social Coordinator
Year / Program: 3rd Year, Biological Chemistry Specialist
Future Career Goals: Graduate Studies in Chemistry
Favourite Element(s):  Bismuth, when an oxide layer forms on the crystal, it’s super colourful!
Hobbies: Playing instruments, playing D&D, and mountain biking
Interesting Fact: I once biked 50 km and then whitewater canoed 8 km on the same day

Name: Atang Peloewetse
Position: Academic Coordinator
Year/program: 3rd year, Synthetic & Catalytic Chemistry Specialist
Future Career Goals: Graduate studies in Organic Chemistry
Favourite element(s): Oxygen, as it is involved in keto-enol tautomerism!
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing soccer and watching sports
Interesting fact: I can name any Coldplay song within 10 seconds of the song playing!

Name: Jitian Chen
Position: Treasurer
Year/program: 2nd year, Chemistry Specialist
Future Career Goals: Graduate studies
Favourite element(s): Silicon, since it’s the base of much of modern technology.
Hobbies: Reading, skiing, playing table tennis
Interesting fact: I grew up in a country other than where I was born!

Name: Kevin Yuan 
Position: Secretary
Year/program: 2nd year, Biochemistry Specialist, Immunology Minor 
Future Career Goals: Graduate School and eventually industry R&D!
Favourite element(s): Antimony – one of my friends in high school used to say “Antimony yields anti-money!” Just a bit nostalgic.
Hobbies: Sports, Manga, EDM and 2010 Throwback Music, League 
Interesting Fact: My birthday is on December 25th!

Name: Judi Ashri
Position: Social Media Coordinator
Year/program: 3rd year, Biological Chemistry Specialist and Immunology Minor
Future career goals: Graduate studies in Biological Chemistry and eventually R&D
Favourite element(s): Titanium because it’s the 22nd element and 22 is my favourite Taylor Swift song.
Hobbies: Horse-riding, Scuba-diving, Binge-watching TV shows
Interesting fact: I have a major coffee and Taylor swift obsession

Name: Audrey Xing
Position: First Year Representative
Year/program: 1st Year Mathematical and Physical Sciences (hopefully synthetic and catalytic chemistry specialist for the program) 
Future career goals:  I just wanna survive CHM151 for now:)) 
Favourite element(s): Carbon, cause it’s basic
Hobbies: Watching kdramas
Interesting fact: Once, I only listened to All too Well (10 minute version) by Taylor Swift for 5 days straight.

Name: Abhinav Sahal
Position: First Year Representative
Year/program: First year
Favourite element(s): Fluorine, because I am not too good at sharing things either
Hobbies: Badminton, exploring cities!
Interesting fact: I’m ambidextrous

Name: Han Yao 
Position: Second Year Representative
Year/program: 2nd Year, Synthetic & Catalytic Chemistry Specialist 
Future career goals: Graduate studies in chemistry
Favourite element(s): Palladium (because it’s such a cool catalyst) & Hydrogen (it’s simple)
Hobbies: Exercising, baseball & listening to any genres of music 
Interesting fact: I’ve been to nine countries as of now